200g chlorine tablet press Model : KSTY 200T

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200g chlorine tablet press—CE marked 
KSTY 200T hydraulic tablet press-CE marked
it is popular to be used to produce 100g 200g 250g TCCA、chlorine tablets.


KSTY 200T hydraulic tablet press is mainly used for pressing powder into block/tablet in salt blocks, metallurgy, ceramics, electromagnetic products, food, disinfectants, mothballs, detergent.


KSTY 200T is a hydraulic tablet press of four-pillar structure, and it can achieve the press of Multi-cavity molds, pressure-holding function, which actively increase the production capacity.


Hydraulic system is purchased from Taiwan, electronic control system uses PLC and HMIHuman Machine Interaction. Time can be adjusted according to manufacturing situation, and of two operating way, namely automatic and manual. 


KSTY 200T hydraulic tablet press machine is consisted of two big parts, main body and control structure, which is connected through main pipeline and electrical devices. Main body is including fuselage, main fuel tank and the top of the cylinder.

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