Two/three layer tablet press

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Two/three layer tablet press-CE Marked


Two/three layer tablets, such as sweet, dishwashing tablet, are mainly produced by such our KSTY60T hydraulic tablet press machines.
Our KSTY 60T has CE certification. It can produce any powder/granulate into tablets.
It is popular in china for its high precision, and high tablet reliability.


All electrical parts of KSTY60T hydraulic tablet press machines are controlled by the PLC program, and all machine press action can be adjusted following the time.


Finished tablets are of good density and high production efficiency. It is suitable for electronics, ceramic, food, metallurgy production and other production.
It can press a variety of tablets, such as candy pieces, chocolate, fertilizer tablets, IC components, effervescent tablets, ceramic powder products and so on. Because of its excellent operation, it is very popular in the market.



1. It can be used of multi-mould cavity, which can actively increase production capacity.
2. Its production process is of high precision and high reliability with a hydraulic system.
3. It can be in automatic production or by manual control.
4. It has a PLC program and all operation actions can be adjusted in a better state


Following is its specification, just as for your reference.
Model KSTY 60T 
max pressure600KN
max length of upper punch200mm
max depth of fill150mm
max diameter of down punch200mm
max diameter of tablet150mm
max thickness of tablet300mm
production capacitypress 3-4 times/minute

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