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Filling capping 2 in 1 machine
    • Filling capping 2 in 1 machine
Product details

YXG6-A is an automatic inline gravity liquid filling capping machine

filling and capping are in one machine

YXG6-A is an automatic inline liquid filling machine, a high-tech filling equipment which is a combination of microcomputer (PLC) controlled, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator.

YXG6-A  automatic inline liquid filling machine is specially used for the filling of the daily chemical liquid, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, spices, vegetable oil, syrup, mineral water and other edible liquids, as well as pharmacy & chemical liquid filling. Its filling amount is of high-precision, no bubbles, no drip.


1: Advanced design

(1) Suitable for the filling of different specification window, filling Unit can be switched within a few minutes, high production capacity.

(2) Do not need to add spare parts, when to replace the filling specifications, justneed to adjust.

(3) Users can choose the number of filling head according to their production requirement to determine

(4) Operation through color touch screen, which can show production operating procedures, filling methods. Intuitive screen, simple operation, easy maintenance.

(5) Each filling head has a device of locking bottle mouth, to ensure the liquid to be injected in right position.

2: Specifications:

(1) model: YXG6-A

(2) Filling range: 25-1000ml

(3) Filling speed: <90 bottles/minute(for 100-500ml)

(4) Filling accuracy: ± 1%

(5) Rated Power: 0.8KW

(6) Operating voltage: 220V

(7) Working air pressure: 6-7 kg/c

(8) Air consumption: 0.5m³ /minute

(9) Machine weight: 650kg

(10) Machine size: 2000× 870× 1900mm

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