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Oblique neck capping machine
    • Oblique neck capping machine
Product details

YXG60 oblique neck bottle capping machine

This automatic capping machine is one of our R&D products. We add a new function on it, which can automatically install the inner cap. It is a high-tech inner cap and cap screwing machine which is a combination of PLC controlled, photoelectric sensor, servo drive and pneumatic component.

YXG60 automatic inner cap and cap screwing machine is specific to high corrosive liquid, can automatically install inner cap and screw cap for complicated-shape bottle in bleaching liquid, disinfectant, toliet cleaner, insecticide and ther corrosive liquid. And designed with automatic sorting inner caps, automatic inner-cap falling, sucking, installing, automatic caps arranging, falling, screwing. Greatly reduce the manual operation.


1.  Suitable for installing inner-cap for different bottles, finished replacing in a short time.

2.  Adopt rotary transmit, Two groups of cap screwing wheels tight caps, improve the percent of pass for cap tightening

3.  Adopt the method of vibration sorting caps to automatic cap sorting according to the size of caps.



1.  Model: YXG60

2.  Production capacity: 60 bottles/minute

3.  Working negative pressure: -23 Kpa

4.  Inner-cap: according to clients’ sample

5.  Bottle: according to clients’ supplied sample

6.  Machine size: 1950*1130*1660 mm

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