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Stainless steel piston filling machine
    • Stainless steel piston  filling machine
Product details

YPZ10-A Fully Automatic Vertical filling machine
YPZ10-A Fully Automatic Vertical filling machine, one of our newly developed products, mechanical electrical integration, is used in two ways, by both gravity and pressure.


YPZ10-A Fully Automatic Vertical filling machine has two filling methods, for filling the water liquid and thin liquid, which is controlled by Atmospheric time; filling viscous liquid is by Syringe pump pressurized.
Using the straight-line net bottle, it is available for filling in cream & lotion, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. Its filling amount is of high-precision, no bubbles, no drip. Not need any special tools to adjust machine, no filling when without bottle, and Accurate measurement.


(1) Filling range :50ml-500ml/500-2000ml/2000-5000ml(Can be customized)
(2) Filling accuracy: ≤±0.1%
(3) Filling speed: 30-80 bottles/minute
(4) Working air pressure: 5-7 kg/
(5) Machine size2000×800×1750mm


this series machine models, same construe, jus filling heads different, inclduing YPZ8-A(8 filling heads).YPZ10-A(10 filling heads),YPZ12-A(12 filling heads),YPZ16-A(16 filling heads). We choose suitable one from such three according to buyers' capacity.


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